License a Production

Have a theater company? Here’s a real crowd-pleaser. Something fresh and interesting, with all the elements for a successful production.

Get the script, master sheet music, and CD in the basic package. Also available are rehearsal CDs, individual sheet music, graphics, staging, character doubling for small cast, and more.

In the immortal words from Monty Python’s Flying Circus,

“And now for something completely different…!”

Basic Package

  • Script
  • Master Sheet Music charts
  • Double CD of audio production

Optional Materials

  • Individual Instrument Sheet Music
  • Individual Singer Sheet Music/Lyrics
  • Orchestration accompaniment tracks
  • Individual singer rehearsal tracks
  • Character Roll, incl. using small cast
  • Recommended Staging
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Performance Contract

Optional Music Arrangement

  • Song key changes
  • Choir modification
  • Complete orchestration

Optional materials and services are provided by addendum and separate fees.


Despite the recent popularity of musicals, warmed-over classics are not going to bring in the crowds you want. The success of new musicals that lack the punch of the old classics illustrates how desperate the public is to see something fresh, sassy, iconoclastic, and in this day and age, rebellious. Legal Ethics is that play. There is nothing else out there like it, in a number of perspectives.

As a production, it finds similarities with Three Penny Opera, Chicago, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The songs are catchy.